Design Process: Dogfella


This little project has been under wraps for a while now... This is Dogfella – a creative studio that provide video solutions for start-up brands. They aim to produce talked about, written about content.  

So I went through the motions: I started off doing tons of research, mood boards, mind maps, sketching and then provided logo options. With such a playful name, the client wanted something that had character, but was also bold and timeless. With logos, it's always good to strive for timelessness – logos that follow trends tend to result in constant rebranding when the logo starts to look out of date (as trends do). So, I try to ignore trends like wildfire. 

The client liked both logo option 1 (top-left) and option 3 (mid-left) the most. Both had the 'personality' he wanted. In the end, the client opted for logo option 1. We mutually agreed that it felt more timeless and bolder than option 3. Also, by having the logo in lowercase, it made the company seem much more welcoming and less corporate, which the client stressed a lot on. 


Colour was a big debate. Did we want something that was loud and fluorescent? Intriguing and quirky? Bold and innovative? In the end, we opted for a dark turquoise colour that was bold but somewhat subtle, along with a palette of greys. We felt this colour complimented the round edges of the logotype as well as the chosen Opificio typeface used for large copy throughout the brand.

Once we established an agreed look and feel for the brand, it was rolled out onto the stationery, business card, website, environments, etc, and is now ready for launch at the end of this month. We aimed for a certain playfulness, and focused on tone of voice & interactivity within the website.

Definitely one of my favourite projects I've worked on so far! Below is a sneak peek. It would be great to hear what you guys think. 


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