How To Make Money On Society6


A place where thousands of artists and designers can share and sell their artwork as a variety of printed products. You could be making some cash on-the-side within a few clicks!

Fresh out of university and at the start of my graphic design career, I was looking towards social networking to get my work out there to gain a bigger online presence. Soon enough, I found Society6. It appears there is a lack of discussion online for this intriguing website.

How does the site actually work?


Claiming to “produce prints using only the highest quality materials”, your work is readily available for print as an art-print (with framed/canvas/gallery options), iPhone case, t-shirt, tote bag and even pillow, so long as you post the work in the stated dimensions for each.


Now all you have to do is set your profit margins. The site gives you a base price for each size to work from, and you just have to choose the price at which you want to sell them, which will consequently show how profit is made for each sale. It’s always good to keep the retail prices at whole figures.

The concept for the site is simple. Show your appreciation for other artists’ designs by clicking on the ‘Promote’ button beside the image. You can also comment and  follow other users to keep updated with their activity. It wasn’t long before I became somewhat addicted – regularly revisiting my profile to see if I had gained more followers, promotions or purchases.

Can I honestly make money from this site?

You have to always remember that although your designs may be beautiful, they need to be ‘commercial’ to the potential visitors of the site to be able to sell. Pop culture and trends are therefore something you should keep up with if you really want to focus on making money.

Since joining the site a few months ago, I have uploaded 16 pieces of art and sold around 50 products, which I am very pleased about. However (out of the 16) it seemed that only my Batman and Donnie Darko pieces had sold, probably due to the fact that they are movies that are so widely loved. So it is clear that aiming for popular themes will attract many more potential buyers.

Recognition will come with time. If you ensure that you post high quality work as well as follow and promote other artists on a regular basis, your recognition WILL grow and sales WILL start to come in.

Top sellers have earned $5000 in a month?!

Society 6 announced on their blog that some top sellers on the site have made $5000 worth in just a mere month – this should inspire you to make the jump and aim high! Something that was first a nice bit of cash-on-the-side can become more like a second salary!

Tips on gaining recognition:

  1. Follow/Promote/Comment the most popular users. They may follow you back and promote you, meaning that their large amount of followers will see your work and potential audience is automatically much higher.
  2. Follow/Promote/Comment the newest products. Click on ‘My Society’ > ‘MORE’ > ‘NEW’. Users who have just posted their work are more likely to be online and more active in the community.
  3. Always comment on a more personal level. Comment on specifically what you like about the design rather than just a generic “Awesome!”. This will mean that they’ll be much more likely to visit your page and promote your own work!

Tips on increasing your sales:

  1. Figure out what is most popular and cater specifically for this.

  2. Make sure you position your iPhone Case and T-shirt image uploads to best suit the product.

  3. Spread the word on all social media sites and link back to your store – this is key to getting your work noticed. Great examples are Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Wanelo. Also, don’t forget to promote it on your own website!

To wrap up…

This site does all the hard work for you.

It is essentially an online print company with the advantage of gathering together a whole community of artists to share and promote art. It is definitely something I will personally try to stick with throughout my career. I predict it will start gaining even more recognition from the public over the coming years and become a great hub for designers. It’s always great to earn some cash, as well as gain inspiration and constant feedback for your work.

It would be great to hear some of your own thoughts! How much extra cash have you made since you joined? Do you have any other tips to share?

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